Helper scripts


☠️ The following scripts are potentially destructive ☠️

You should never run scrips which scopes you don’t understand. Below scripts potentially can make things worse which is why you should evaluate them before hand.

You’re running these scripts at your own risk.

If we found a script is helping you more than 30 lines of new documentation, we may have added a helper script.

Database Helper: (re)set password

  • This script is working for PostgreSQL installations only.

  • Only local database servers are supported (script changes user).

  • This script requires to be run as root or similar privileged user!


Mostly the following installation types will be affected / relevant:

  • package installations (especially CentOS & SUSE)

  • possibly source code installations


The script will do the following actions depending on the situation automatically for you. It will double tab by asking for your confirmation up front.

  • If database.yml contains an empty password line, a new password will be generated, and set for the database user of Zammad, and saved to the configuration file.

  • If database.yml contains a password, it will be used to set the password of the Zammad database user.

  • Please note that the script will automatically stop and start Zammad!


Run /opt/zammad/contrib/backup/ and follow the instructions. No specific configurations are required.

If errors occur the script will try to bring Zammad back online before exitting. Please ensure that your service is running.