Zammad uses Ruby on Rails so you can make use of the rails console.


Please double check your commands before running, as some of those commands might cause data loss or damaged tickets! If you’re unsure, use a test system first!

To open the rails console on the shell you have to enter the following commands.

Start Zammad’s Rails console

Running a single command

The following command will allow you to run a single command, without running a shell (e.g. for automation).


Replace {COMMAND} with your command you want to run.


If you enter a p in front of your command (e.g. like rails r 'p Delayed::Job.count'), you’ll actually receive a printed output (without you won’t!).

# package installation
$ zammad run rails r '{COMMAND}'

# source installation
$ rails r '{COMMAND}'

Running several commands in a shell

The following command will provide you a rails console. It allows you to run several commands inside it.

This reduces loading times greatly.

# package installation
$ zammad run rails c

# source installation
$ rails c