Generic CTI

This page describes the generic CTI API scopes and functionalities.


🚧 Limitations / Notes🚧

  • Authentication on this endpoint works fundamentally different compared to the rest of the API.

  • API clients do not work with the CTI endpoints unless explicitly stated by the client vendor!

  • The CTI endpoints are relevant for PBX systems only.


Here’s a small condensed list of the possibilities this CTI API provides.


The endpoint can be found in the generic CTI integration and contains a unique token which acts as authentication. Make sure to keep this endpoint URL safe.


Generic CTI configuration and the correct endpoint can be found in your Zammad integration settings and are documented in our admin documentation.

Please also note the there listed requirements and limitations.
All options that require returns (e.g. blocking, manipulating outgoing caller IDs) rely on configurations within the Zammad CTI integration page.

There are several events in terms of an ongoing call. These actions always come from your PBX system and may be:

In some situations Zammad may provide a return on your PBX calls (e.g. a reject) if you blocked a specific caller. Zammad will never initiate specific actions with your PBX. Zammad is a passive component in all described cases.