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Please note below Zendesk specific limitations. These are additional limitations to the general ones listed.

  • Differential migrations are not supported!
    The general suggestion is to run a test import before to learn how long the migration is going to take.
  • Important: Please note that migration speed highly depends on your Zendesk plan (API rate limits apply).

  • Your Zendesk plan has to provide API support. This may not apply to all available plans.

  • User passwords are not migrated and will require the user to use the password reset link on the login page.


Zammad requires API access which is why you’ll need to create an API key for the migration. The migrator will request your Zendesk-URL, email address and API key.


Ensure to retrieve the API key with a full administrator account. Less privileged users will end in a broken migration.

Importing Zendesk data

Generally you have two options on how to migrate data. If you have a fairly big instance with a lot of data, you may want to consider using the console over the browser version.

After installing Zammad and configuring your webserver, navigate to your Zammads FQDN in your browser and follow the migration wizard.

Depending on the number of users, tickets and Zendesk plan this may take some while.

Migration process of Zendesk via UI


😖 Scheduler got interrupted


If this message appears after providing your credentials, please be patient. The migration should start within 5 minutes.

If you receive above message after the migration begun, please consider using the console approach instead and reset the installation.

After migration

As the migration technically skips the getting started wizard, please note that you want to adjust your FQDN settings (FQDN & HTTP-Type).


How to log in?

Zammad provides admin access to the user whose API token you provided. Use the admins email address and API token provided during the migration to login.

All other users will have to use the password reset function or login methods like LDAP or one click logins.

After successfully migrating your Zendesk instance, continue with First steps.

Restarting from scratch

Turned wrong at some point? You can find the required commands to reset Zammad in our Dangerzone.