Advanced customization settings

On this page you can find some settings that you won’t find within the Zammad UI. Those settings might come in handy as it can change Zammad’s behavior.


Please note that this is not a full command list, if you’re missing commands, feel free to ask over at the Community.

Send all outgoing E-Mails to a BCC-Mailbox

This option allows you to send all outgoing E-Mails (not notifications) to a specific mailbox. Please note that this shouldn’t be a mailbox you’re importing already! This will apply to all groups and is a global setting.

>> Setting.set('system_bcc', 'alias@domain.tld')

You can easily check the current BCC-Setting by running the following:

>> Setting.get('system_bcc')

Activate counter on grouped overviews

This is a hidden setting which you can only set via Command-Line. This will globally enable a ticket number value in each heading for grouped elements.

>> Setting.set('ui_table_group_by_show_count', true)  # enable counter on grouped overviews
>> Setting.set('ui_table_group_by_show_count', false) # disable counter on grouped overviews
>> Setting.get('ui_table_group_by_show_count')        # get current setting (`nil` is false)

Default ticket type on creation

Zammad allows you to define the default article type upon ticket creation. By default this will be a incoming phone call.

You can choose between

  • phone-in (incoming call, default),

  • phone-out (outgoing call) and

  • email-out (Sending an E-Mail out).

>> Setting.set('ui_ticket_create_default_type', 'email-out')

To check what setting is set currently, simply run:

>> Setting.get('ui_ticket_create_default_type')

Adding a warning to the ticket creation process

If in case you need to give your agent a note or warning during ticket creation, you can do so with the below command.

You can use three different warnings for

  • Incoming Calls :"phone-in"=>"",

  • Outgoing Calls :"phone-out"=>"" and

  • Outgoing E-Mails :"email-out"=>"".

>> Setting.set('ui_ticket_create_notes', {
      :"phone-in"=>"You're about to note a incoming phone call.",
      :"phone-out"=>"You're about to note an outgoing phone call.",
      :"email-out"=>"You're going to send out an E-Mail."


You can use those three sub-settings independently, if you e.g. don’t need a warning on incoming calls, simply leave out :"phone-in"=>"" out of the setting. The setting itself is done within an array ( {} ).

To check what’s currently set, you can use:

>> Setting.get('ui_ticket_create_notes')

Sample of the above setting:


Show Email address of customer on customer selection (ticket creation)

By default Zammad will not display the E-Mail-Addresses of customers. The below option allows you to change this behavior.

>> Setting.set('ui_user_organization_selector_with_email', true)

Get the current state of this setting with:

>> Setting.get('ui_user_organization_selector_with_email')

Change font settings for outgoing HTML mails


Some clients (like Outlook) might fallback to other settings while it might work for other clients.

The below setting allows you to adjust Zammad’s email font setting. This setting does not require a service restart.

>> Setting.set("html_email_css_font", "font-family:'Helvetica Neue', Helvetica, Arial, Geneva, sans-serif; font-size: 12px;")

If you want to check the current setting, you can simply run the below code.

>> Setting.get('html_email_css_font')

Highlight customer’s open ticket count

This option enhances the selected customer’s open tickets count. It highlights the count in different colors if they hit a threshold.

>> Setting.set('ui_sidebar_open_ticket_indicator_colored', true)

Sample of the above setting:


Above settings has specific thresholds as follows. You cannot adjust these thresholds.

Situational threshold list for open ticket indication

Situation / View

no indication

warning (orange)

danger (red)

Ticket Zoom

< 2


>= 3

New Ticket dialog



>= 2