Getting and Updating Zammad-Settings


Please note that this is not a full setting list, if you’re missing settings, feel free to ask over at our Community.

Get ticket_hook setting

This will give you the Ticket hook that you’ll find inside the [] in front of the ticket number. By default this will be Ticket# - you shouldn’t change this setting in a productive system.


Get fqdn setting

Get the current FQDN-Setting of Zammad and, if needed, adjust it.

Setting.get('fqdn')                    # Get FQDN
Setting.set('fqdn', 'new.domain.tld')  # Set a new FQDN

Find storage_provide setting

The following command returns a list of available settings for storage_provider (for attachments).

Setting.find_by(name: 'storage_provider')

Set storage_rpovider Setting

Change the storage_provider if needed.

Setting.set('storage_provider', 'DB')  # Change Attachment-Storage to database
Setting.get('storage_provider')        # get the current Attachment-Storage

Configuring Elasticsearch

If your elasticsearch installation changes, you can use the following commands to ensure that Zammad still can access elasticsearch.

Setting.set('es_url', '')                 # Change elasticsearch URL to poll
Setting.set('es_user', 'elasticsearch')                        # Change elasticsearch user (e.g. for authentication)
Setting.set('es_password', 'zammad')                           # Change the elasticsearch password for authentication
Setting.set('es_index', Socket.gethostname + '_zammad')        # Change the index name
Setting.set('es_attachment_ignore', [ '.png', '.jpg', '.jpeg', '.mpeg', '.mpg', '.mov', '.bin', '.exe', '.box', '.mbox' ] )    # A list of ignored file extensions (they will not be indexed)
Setting.set('es_attachment_max_size_in_mb', 50)                # Limit the Attachment-Size to push to your elasticsearch index

Use the OTRS importer from the shell

If needed, you can configure and run the OTRS-Import from console.

Setting.set('import_otrs_endpoint', 'http://xxx/otrs/')
Setting.set('import_otrs_endpoint_key', 'xxx')
Setting.set('import_mode', true)

Enable proxy

Zammad needs to use a proxy for network communication? Set it here.

Setting.set('proxy', '')
Setting.set('proxy_username', 'some user')
Setting.set('proxy_password', 'some pass')