DANGERZONE (Deletion of stuff)


Please note that the commands on this page cause DATA LOSS! Only proceed if you know what you’re doing and you have a backup!


Please note that this is not a full command list, if you’re missing commands, feel free to ask over at our Community.

Delete a certain ticket

The following command removes a specific ticket and all of it’s articles from Zammad.


Delete some tickets

This will remove all existing tickets, except for those you specified within tickets_to_keep-variable before.

tickets_to_keep = [1, 2, 3] # enter the ids of all tickets you want to keep
(Ticket.all.pluck(:id) - tickets_to_keep).each { |id| Ticket.find(id).destroy }

Delete all tickets

This removes all existing tickets within Zammad.


Removing organizations

In order to delete groups, you need to ensure no users are assigned as group member. If you want to search for other conditions of a group ( so not active: false ) just replace it inside the where() clause. Ensure that the searched phrase is inside the organization Object!

First to the preview of what is affected:

# preview
list = ''
Organization.where(active: false).each {|org|
list += "ORGANIZATION #{org.name} \n"
puts list

If the result is correct, you can run the below to finally un-assign users memberships followed by the organization removal.

# delete organization
Organization.where(active: false).each {|org|
puts "Working on '#{org.name}' \n"
User.where(organization_id: org.id).each {|user|
   puts "... Removing User '#{user.firstname} #{user.lastname}' from Organization"
puts "... Deleting organisation \n\n"

Destroy stuff

These commands will destroy historical information within Zammad.

OnlineNotification.destroy_all # Remove all online notifications
ActivityStream.destroy_all     # Remove all entries from the Activity Stream (Dashboard)
RecentView.destroy_all         # Removes the entries for all recently viewed Objects (Tickets, Users, Organizations)
History.destroy_all            # This removes all history information from Tickets, Users and Organizations (dangeorus!)