If you want to install Zammad, you need the following software.

1. Ruby Programming Language

Zammad requires Ruby. All required rubygems like ruby on rails are listed in the Gemfile. The following Ruby version is supported:

  • Ruby 2.4.4

2. Database Server

Zammad will store all content in an RDBMS. You can choose between the following products:

  • MySQL 5.6+
  • MariaDB 10.0+
  • PostgreSQL 9.1+


We tend to recommend PostgreSQL. For the last 10 years we had the best experience with it.


Required configuration for MySQL/MariaDB:

  • Use UTF8 encoding. utf8mb4 for example will fail.
  • Set max_allowed_packet to a value larger than the default of 4 MB (64 MB+ recommended).

3. Reverse Proxy

In a typical web environment today, you use a reverse proxy to deliver the static content of your application. Only the “expensive” app required HTTP requests are forwarded to the application server.

The following reverse proxies are supported:

  • Nginx 1.3+
  • Apache 2.2+

4. Elasticsearch

For excellent search performance we use Elasticsearch. The following Elasticsearch versions are supported:

  • Elasticsearch 2.4 up to 5.5 with mapper-attachments plugin
  • Elasticsearch 5.6 with ingest-attachment plugin