Running console commands on an Univention-Host



Please note that Zammad GmbH announced the end of life of the Zammad-App for Univention! Users where already alarmed by Email late 2021 about this upcoming change.

We’re providing an export guide, please see: Export Zammad on Univention for migration.

If you’re planning to install Zammad on Univention right now, please consider using either package, docker compose, or source installations as alternative.

In some cases you might need to access Zammads rails console on the Univention-Host. For this, you’ll need to get the correct container ID first.

Univention will hold this information for you, you can get it like that:

$ ucr get appcenter/apps/zammad/container

Now where we have our ID, you can run any command from the Console section with either:

$ docker exec -i "{Container-ID}" rails r "{COMMAND}"

or -if you need a console for more commands- by:

$ docker exec -i "{Container-ID}" rails c


Please replace {Container-ID} in the above commands by the ID the first command returns. Replace {COMMAND} by any rails command Zammad supports.

That’s it!