Issues you might encounter

Below we have gathered information to problems that might occur in combination with Univention.

Zammad can’t communicate with external systems

In rare cases (sometimes even right after installation), Zammad won’t be able to communicate with e.g. external e-mail servers. Simply restart the Zammad app in the App Center module in the UCS management system and it should be enough to get it back working.

Zammad communicates a wrong URL within the notifications

This issue rises because of how the “Getting Started”-Wizard in Zammad works. Even though the wizard reports the correct FQDN-Setting (and we manually set it), it will overwrite the setting after sanitizing what it recognized.

This is an application level issue and a subject to change - you can find more information about this in Issue 2651. To solve this, just go into the Univention app-settings (for Zammad-app) and apply the settings after finishing the wizard.

Customers can’t click on the “Knowledge Base”-URL within the customer portal

This currently can’t be fixed, as Zammad is available via one Port only. The issue is described within Issue 2628 and a subject to fix.