Install from source on MacOS


🙀 Outdated documentation

Sorry, but this documentation part is outdated. We decided not to remove this part to provide at least hints for MacOS.

Please feel welcome to provide a pull request if you find spare time!


  • Install Xcode from the App Store, open it -> Xcode menu > Preferences > Downloads -> install command line tools

$ curl -L | bash -s stable --ruby
$ source ~/.rvm/scripts/rvm
$ start new shell -> ruby -v

Get Zammad

$ test -d ~/zammad/ || mkdir ~/zammad
$ cd ~/zammad/
$ curl -L -O | tar -xj

Install Zammad

$ cd zammad-latest
$ bundle install
$ rake db:create
$ rake db:migrate
$ rake db:seed

Database connect

$ cd zammad-latest
$ cp config/database/database.yml config/database.yml
$ rake db:create
$ rake db:migrate
$ rake db:seed

Start Zammad

$ puma -p 3000 # application web server
$ script/websocket-server.rb start # non blocking websocket server
$ script/scheduler.rb start # generate overviews on demand, just send changed data to browser

Visit Zammad in your browser