Install on CentOS via RPM

Currently we support RHEL7 & CentOS7.

Add Zammad & epel-release RPM repos and install RPM

sudo yum -y install epel-release
sudo rpm --import
echo "[zammad]
name=Repository for zammad/zammad application.
enabled=1" | sudo tee /etc/yum.repos.d/zammad.repo
sudo yum -y install zammad

Go to http://localhost and you’ll see:

  • “Welcome to Zammad!”, there you need to create your admin user and invite other agents.

On remote server:

Add your fully qualified domain name or public IP to server name directive in your web server configuration and restart your web server. The installer will give you a hint where Zammad’s web server config file is located.

You can manage the Zammad services manually:


sudo systemctl status zammad
sudo systemctl stop zammad
sudo systemctl start zammad
sudo systemctl restart zammad

Only web application server

sudo systemctl status zammad-web
sudo systemctl stop zammad-web
sudo systemctl start zammad-web
sudo systemctl restart zammad-web

Only worker process

sudo systemctl status zammad-worker
sudo systemctl stop zammad-worker
sudo systemctl zammad-worker
sudo systemctl restart zammad-worker

Only websocket server

sudo systemctl status zammad-websocket
sudo systemctl stop zammad-websocket
sudo systemctl start zammad-websocket
sudo systemctl restart zammad-websocket