• A ticket consists of multiple articles.
  • An article goes through a channel.


  • Article got out and come in through channels.
  • They are assigned to groups.
  • Channels are for example email, chat, twitter, etc. New channels can be added via the plugin mechanism.


  • Tickets will be assigned to a group.
  • A ticket can only be assigned to one group.


  • Organizations are used to group users.
  • The common use case is to group the employees of a company into one organization.


  • Overviews are configurable lists of tickets.
  • There are system wide overviews (defined by an administrator) as well as user defined overviews.
  • They are available for all roles.


  • All permissions are role based.
  • Access to groups is role based and specific actions also depend on the user’s roles.

Text module

  • While writing an article, text modules are available to assist the agent’s work.


  • All requests are called ticket.
  • In other systems this is also being called issue, case, etc.


  • Every person in Zammad is called a user.
  • Each person needs a minimum of one assigned role.
  • Three roles are predefined: Administrator, Agent, Customer