Install with Docker

Docker is a container-based software framework for automating deployment of applications. Our Docker image is a single container based application designed to have Zammad up and running fast for testing purposes.

Please note that this is a non persistent storage container and all Zammad data is lost when you’re stopping the container.

If you like to run Docker in production environment try our Docker-compose version: Install with Docker Compose .

Your Docker environment needs to be up and running.

You can find the image at

You need at least 4 GB of RAM to run the container.

Run the Docker Container

Docker run will run a command in a new container, -i attaches stdin and stdout, -t allocates a tty.

Set vm.max_map_count for Elasticsearch

$ sysctl -w vm.max_map_count=262144

Run docker container

$ docker container run -ti --rm --name zammad -p 80:80 zammad/zammad

That’s it! You’re now using a bash shell inside of a Zammad docker container using the develop branch of the GitHub repo.

To disconnect or detach from the shell without exiting, use the escape sequence Ctrl-p + Ctrl-q.

Go to http://localhost and you’ll see:

  • “Welcome to Zammad!”, there you need to create your admin user.