Continuous integration

All pushes to our main repo at will trigger build tests. We use internal build tests on internal and external continuous integration platforms.


  • Done on our private continuous integration platform



  • You can find the build test results at

  • If you fork the Zammad repo you’re able to also use to get your builds tested

  • Just change the file “.travis.yml” to fit your needs

  • Current build test status is:



To run tests locally in the test environment, you need to first ensure the test DB is in the expected state:

RAILS_ENV=test bundle exec rake db:drop db:create zammad:ci:test:prepare

For tests that use compiled front end assets, make sure the latest state of the code is considered:

RAILS_ENV=test bundle exec rake assets:precompile

Finally, running a single test can be done via the following command:

bundle exec rspec spec/system/ticket/zoom_spec.rb

Note that it’s also possible to run a specific test case by including the line number in the command:

bundle exec rspec spec/system/ticket/zoom_spec.rb:1070