Other useful commands


Please note that this is not a full command list, if you’re missing commands, feel free to ask over at our Community.

Fetch mails

The below command will do a manual fetch of mail channels. This will also show erors that might appear within that process.


Add translation

This comes in handy if you e.g. added a new state that you need to translate for several languages.

Translation.create_if_not_exists( :locale => 'de-de', :source => "New", :target => "Neu", format: 'string', created_by_id: 1, updated_by_id: 1 )

Fill a test system with test data


Don’t run this in a productive environment! This can slow down Zammad and is hard to revert if you create much!

The below command will add 50 agents, 1000 customers, 20 groups, 40 organizations, 5 new overviews and 100 tickets. You can always use 0 to not create specific items. Zammad will create random “fill data”.

FillDB.load(agents: 50,customers: 1000,groups: 20,organizations: 40,overviews: 5,tickets: 100,)